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Why are some cleaning companies reluctant to do internal window cleaning? Click for answer

Even if it’s a sunny day, the job could take ages and still end up looking smeared.

Why do some cleaning companies refuse to clean outside windows? Click for answer

It’s unreasonable to expect a domestic cleaning company to do this. They often don’t have ladders or insurance for this. Moreover, there are numerous companies who specialize in this.

We found other companies cheaper than you. Click for answer

We don’t pay our workers below minimum wage. By paying above the minimum, we attract only the best workers. With home cleaning the old saying very much applies: you get what you pay for. Our cleaning services will be an investment in the quality of your home living. Also, most of our hourly rate goes to the cleaner. We either prosper or fail, depending on the quality of our service.


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We recently joined the home cleaning service force and we’re eager to provide exceptional cleaning services to our clients. Anybody can clean, but not everybody can provide excellent cleaning services. All our workers are highly dedicated, conscientious and precise workers.