Domestic Cleaning Services

We offer a wide range of home cleaning services. for a more detailed list see further down the page. Here we illustrate the regular day- to-day request.

Domestic cleaning:  Regular and Ad-hoc.

Deep Clean:  After long-term neglect

Deep Clean: end of Tenancy

Deep Clean: moving in and out of your current home.

For a full range of what we do scroll down the page.

It’s a well-known fact people judge others and first impressions hugely important. Even close friends will take into account for example that you do, or don’t keep your toilet clean. Conversely, if they are no, it can impact very badly on peoples perceptions of you. A clean environment screams of high standards and the little-seen parts are important.

We offer a full range of cleaning services.  Including general cleaning, carpets, window, floors, blinds etc. This can be on a weekly or at other intervals by agreement.

Our services are individually customised and tailored to your specifications. We insist on a rigid regime regardless of whether certain items require attention or not. We would never allow a cleaner to breeze-in, empty a bin bag or two, quick dust, and away.



What we do?

Our professional cleaners are very thorough – washing, cleaning and wiping all visible and non-visble items in your home.

We  particularly insist our cleaners cover the following areas:

  1. Raise and clean under the front door mat
  2. Deep into corner recesses of every room
  3. Ceiling lights and any chandeliers (thoroughly- takes time)
  4. Under all furniture items
  5. Ornaments
  6. Picture rails
  7. Skirting boards
  8. Behind beds and cabinets
  9. Shelves, including the high ones
  10. Toilet, scrubbing and disinfecting every part of it
  11. Optional: Ovens, Carpets (deep clean) Fridges, Ovens, Grimed in cookers, Windows (internal) Ironing!  Yes, but its good to know in advance as sometimes our team can be all male! They are not so proficient at it.

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Who we are?

We recently joined the home cleaning service force and we’re eager to provide exceptional cleaning services to our clients. Anybody can clean, but not everybody can provide excellent cleaning services. All our workers are highly dedicated, conscientious and precise workers.